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Meet your coaches

Dr Shieak Tzeng

Physician-Scientist, Entrepreneur, Transformation Coach

Shieak is a Taiwanese-New Zealand physician-scientist, technology entrepreneur, and personal transformation coach best known for being founder of Elucimed, co-founder and executive chairman of Wellumio, and CEO and Principal Coach at INNER MVP.


Shieak's passion for human capability development grew from his personal experiences grappling with the practical challenges of growing talented people in academia and the health and technology industry working under intense pressures. He often saw people and teams with great potential fail to combat stress and overwhelm because individuals struggled to create the conditions for clear thinking and decisive action.


Inspired to raise the standard of leadership, resilience, and performance training in the education and entrepreneurship sector, Shieak founded INNER MVP in 2017 to empower people with creative vision to fulfill their potential. Since then, INNER MVP’s programs and training consultants have empowered over a hundred individuals in the health & wellbeing, science, and technology industries to lift their capacity for leadership, creativity, action, and renewal. 

Shieak has a background in medicine and medical research and was formerly a Professor at Otago University in New Zealand. Shieak completed his post-doctoral training at Harvard Medical School and was a Sir Charles Hercus Fellow with the New Zealand Health Research Council. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers in prestigious scientific journals and continues to innovate cutting-edge technology through the companies he leads.


Dr Shieak Tzeng | Dhevaksha Naidoo | Vieran Parbhu

Dhevaksha Naidoo


PhD Scientist, Meditation and Yoga Teacher, Wellbeing coach 

Dhevaksha is a South Africa-Indian integrative medical scientist, meditation and yoga teacher, wellbeing entrepreneur and coach who has has been researching, teaching and healing through Eastern and Western medicine for over 14 years. 

As a scientist, she is curious about how wellness retreats impact wellbeing. Her research focuses on how lifestyle changes learned on retreat influence stress perception, resilience and telomeric DNA changes, an indicator of healthy ageing and longevity. Dhevaksha has co-authored several papers on wellness retreats and wellbeing, complementary therapies and depression, and lifestyle interventions and cancer. She is currently analysing data for her doctoral thesis on the wellbeing impact of virtual retreats. 

As a speaker and teacher, Dhevaksha shares her personal and professional journey overcoming illness and guiding others to realise their well nature. She shares her scientific and spiritual perspective at national and international conferences for integrative and complementary medicine and wellness retreats around the world. She hopes by sharing her story, others may feel empowered to embody change and realise their true wellbeing. Dhevaksha is also a certified meditation, hatha yoga, and hasya (laughter) yoga teacher and she combines these methods to create interactive and immersive programs and experiences.

Dhevaksha founded her first consulting company in 2011 (formerly Dhesign) which has evolved to specialise in advisory for the retreat and wellbeing industry (Dhevaksha Wellbeing). She discovered her passion for entrepreneurship early and was selected to represent Australia age 22 at the G20YEA Summit in Moscow. She continues to mentor and coach entrepreneurs with a spirit-centred and service-led approach which has been her journey over the last decade.

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Vieran Parbhu

Integrative Therapist, Performance Coach and Manager

Vieran is a New Zealand-Indian integrative therapist, therapist manager and performance coach who is passionate about helping therapists use an integrative approach which not only optimises wellbeing for their patients but also maintains their own wellbeing and longevity of practice.


Founding his first practice in Melbourne in 2017 as an integrative therapist (physiotherapist, western acupuncturist, personal trainer and crossfit trainer), Vieran has since honed his gifts as a therapist manager and coach helping to grow and nurture wellbeing leaders of the future. As a Therapist Manager at Health First Group he manages and coaches a team of 30 therapists across 5 states and territories of Australia and trains international therapists to practice locally.


Discovering his passion for clinical practice and leadership early on in his career, Vieran has dedicated the last 12 years leadings therapists and initiatives for companies including Medibank’s Healthstrong, Physio Inq and The Corrective Clinic, alongside his clinical practice. Vieran was invited to lead the Health Hub initiative for Medibank Melbourne and has helped recruit, train, and coach complementary and integrative therapists Australia-wide. He has toured with elite sports teams including NZ Touch throughout the Asia Pacific region.


Vieran is a sought-after facilitator on functional movement at wellness retreats  and lives and breathes his philosophies on movement and wellbeing. He enjoys an active lifestyle and understands how important it is to maintain a healthy sense of wellbeing with his growing family. 

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