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"Dhevaksha merges left brain science with spirituality and nature. She has the feminine 'Dr. Deepak Chopra-esque' ability to blend the best of Eastern and Western philosophies, and to me, there is no higher honor. With a beautiful energy and 1,000 kilowatt smile, are Dhevaksha's methods not the way forward at any time, if not in this time of uncertainty?" - Justin Charles, Former AFL Footballer 

"Dhevaksha is like a female Eckhart (Tolle), able to channel a message and articulate it so clearly. It's a joy to witness her evolution, passion and inspiration. She has so much to offer." - Petrina Hargrave, coFounder, Thrivers Ark  


  • PhD Candidate, Integrative Medicine, NICM Health Research Institute, Western Sydney University, Sydney 2019-2023 (expected date of completion)

  • First Class Honours, Health and Biomedical Sciences, RMIT University, Melbourne, 2017

  • Bachelor of Health Sciences, University of Auckland, New Zealand, 2008-10

  • Certificate in 200H Yoga Teacher Training, Sri Sri School of Yoga, Bangalore, India, 2019

  • Certificate in Laughter Yoga Leadership under Merv Neal, Melbourne, Australia, 2017

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Dhevaksha presents wellness seminars regularly at some of the world's leading Wellness Retreats 

Research fields 

  • Wellness retreats and integrative medicine - Naidoo D, Schembri A, Cohen MM. The Health Impact of Residential Retreats: A Systematic Review. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Published 10 January 2018; 10.1186/s12906-017-2078-4

  • Depression and mental wellbeing - Armour M, Smith C.A, Wang L.Q, Naidoo D, Yang G.Y, MacPherson H, Lee M.S, Hay P. Acupuncture for Depression: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. J. Clin. Med. 2019, 8(8), 1140; Published 31 July 2019

  • Complementary approaches for cancer – For all publications please see


  • Doctoral Scholarship, NICM Health Research Institute, Western Sydney University, 2019-2023

  • Western to the World Scholarship (for research in partnership the Blackburn Telomere Laboratory, University of San Francisco), Western Sydney University, 2019-2023

  • Winning Speaker, Thesis Competition, NICM Health Research Institute, Western Sydney University, 2019

  • Vice Chancellors Award, First Class Honours, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, 2017

  • Tertiary Scholarship for All Round Excellence, University of Auckland, New Zealand, 2008-10

  • Recipient Leaders of Tomorrow Tertiary Study Scholarship, University of Otago, New Zealand, 2008


Dhevaksha speaks to delegates at the 14th International Congress on Complementary Medicine Research 

> Read Paper in Advances in Integrative Medicine

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