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Welcome to the LIBRARY
Learn more about retreats and the scientific impact on wellbeing
Retreat research findings
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Retreat research in journal publications 

2018 The health impact of residential retreats: a systematic review. Published in the Journal Biomedical Central Complementary and Alternative Medicine (BMC-CAM). This review is currently being updated and the latest findings will be shared here upon publication.

2019 Vacation or therapy? Exploring the demographics, motivations and experiences of retreat guests around the world. Conference abstract published in the Journal of Integrative Medicine. This paper captures the key quantitative results from the Global Retreat Survey.

2023 The retreat review is currently being updated and will be shared here upon publication. The complete quantitative and qualitative findings from the Global Retreat Survey papers will be shared here upon publication,
Retreat research in media articles

 2019  Findings from the retreat review have received coverage in several media articles and you can read them here.

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Listen to interviews
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Interview with Theme Rains and Simone Denny

30 minutes 

This interview explores the first scientific findings on mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing from retreat guests all over the world
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