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Welcome to the research library on retreats and wellbeing. Learn about retreat research studies, listen to inspiring interviews and read the latest findings in articles and magazines

Read research, listen to interviews, learn more about wellbeing.
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Wellbeing Research

 Learn more about  research initiatives in the fields of integrative medicine, retreats, and wellbeing in Australia and the world
Wellbeing Interviews

Listen to interviews about how retreats can help you make life change and impact your health and wellbeing

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Wellbeing Articles

 Read articles in the media on the latest scientific findings and how retreats can influence wellbeing and is moving the wellness industry forward
Bridge Full of Plants
Get comfy and put your earphones in for a short or deep listen...
3 minute presentation

on an observational retreat study as part of a doctoral scholarship at NICM Health Research Institute, Western Sydney Univeristy in Australia
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30 minute conversation

on the first scientific findings on mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing from retreat guests all over the world
90 minute interview 

on healing through retreat programs and practices and dhevaksha's soul based methodology to making lasting change
Research projects

Present and past research projects include systematic reviews, observational studies and clinical trials in complementary and integrative medicine. Research fields include the impact of retreats on health and wellbeing, weight management and complementary medicine use for cancer, acupuncture for depression, and exercise for period pain.


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