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The world needs wellness advocates and practitioners now more than any other time in history. We have seen the self-directed journey to wellness is by no means straight forward. The path is windy, isolating and discouraging. It takes great resolve and conviction to be a student of wellness in and of itself and for having come this far, we applaud you. In the company of like-minded wellness students, practitioners, and teachers, we trust your growth and development will be accelerated.

The Wellness Industry is one of the world's largest industries and you could be part of the next era of evolution!

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Our mission is to enable you to realise your true source of wellness and bring to life a thriving wellness practice that enables others to realise theirs too!


The Wellness Mastermind is for you if:


I) Time is of the essence and you want to learn and grow in short bursts

II) You want to use your energy sustainably to make a difference in the lives of others through your wellness practice

III) You have a unique set of gifts and circumstances and want to receive direct guidance that utilises this life experience


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Tell me about the program

The Wellness Mastermind is a science-based and spirit-centered program to help practitioners activate their potential and share their gifts to guide others on their journey to wellness.


Using a complementary teaching framework it combines the two essential pathways for a Practitioner's development:


1. Self-activation

2. Service-led action

The modules are based on the Retreat Mind Model; a heart-driven and scientifically-sound transformation process developed by Dhevaksha, and draws on her lived and learned experience as a wellness and retreat scientist, specialist, speaker, facilitator and mentor. She guides practitioners towards inner and outer wellness through awakening the retreat mind. By nurturing the soft skills and intangible attributes that are most highly correlated with resilience, creativity, and the capacity for renewal, practitioners are able to activate their gifts and be well set up to guide others to realise wellness. 

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How do we activate your unique gifts to guide others to realise their well nature?

Built on the relationship between a spirit-centred entrepreneur and their spirit-centred coach, the program helps creative, intuitive and innovative people execute the vision for their wellness practice through self-activation followed by service-led action.

Live coaching with peers to boost energy and draw inspiration from others who are on the same journey. Taking a leap of faith is easier when we're in the company of people who have faith in the leap.

Individualised feedback and support tailored to your unique circumstances.



Cultivating the Thrivers’ mindset


Participants learn how the world’s most successful people think, see reality, and perfect their craft. The module explores the distinction between a victim-mindset and the ‘Thrivers’ mindset’ and what science says about the optimal conditions for personal growth and transformation.

Burnout to Immunity


Burnout is a well-researched topic. Participants will learn the six triggers for burnout and strategies to reduce their susceptibility to each of them by reviewing their ‘energy habits’. Participants will learn the difference between ‘good stress’ and ‘bad stress’ and how to achieve the perfect level of stress for optimal performance by setting boundaries to protect our time, energy and attention.

Leveraging conviction


Leaders are often required to implement change, promote new approaches to doing things, seize opportunities, and generate enthusiasm for a given course of action without certainty of success. Conviction is a critical leadership quality that empowers leaders to ‘bring their whole self’ to move forward in the face uncertainty. Participants will learn the four foundational pillars of conviction and practice leveraging the power of conviction in the way they communicate goals and intentions.

Bold moves


Today’s world is calling leaders to move from a reactive mindset focused on fear and achieving short-term safety to a creative mindset focused on generating long-term value and impact. Participants will be introduced to the principle of nonattachment and practice having ‘uncomfortable conversations’ and taking bold moves that stay true to their values.

Celebration and beyond


Celebrate establishing yourself from within before move forward into the emerging vision for your wellbeing practice. This shift from inner to outer world is made meaningful through service-led action.

Sustainable practice

We guide you to create a first offering that enables you to sustain your wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of your tribe and community. This is an art and science in itself and by sharing in this way from the beginning, you ground yourself firmly to remain resilient and consistent through your practice journey.

Introduction, standards & intentions


Participants are asked to clarify their personal intentions for the program. Standards and intentions for the program are outlined along with an overview of where all the ideas in the program originate.

Rebuilding our perception of time


The objective is to challenge conventional notions of time management. We’ll rebuild our perception of time from the bottom up and apply the principles of leverage, simplification, automation, and strategic incompetence to create more time to invest in our highest priorities. Participants will learn how each principle can be applied to personal goal setting and collaborative tasks such as one-to-one meetings and team meetings to enhance productivity. Participants will also learn to give constructive feedback to co-workers that strengthen relationships.

Finding clarity


Modern-day life is overwhelming most people’s brains with an endless stream of information, deadlines, and things to do. Participants will learn what this looks like neuro-physiologically—along with how to protect oneself with discernment and personal truth filters. The module will introduce the Golden Circle as a tool for anchoring our priorities against distractions, interruptions, and “noise” masquerading as opportunities.

Visionary Intentions


This module looks deep into the experiences of visionary leaders and patterns of authentic influence. Practitioners will learn to create genuine bonds with their audience by sharing their ‘origin story’, and inspire support by telling their ‘mission story’

Green Leaves


Emerging vision and diverse gifts


This module focuses on celebrating your diverse gifts as a practitioner and how to offer these as a first step towards your emerging vision. We will break down traditional models of masculine entrepreneurship and apply a spirit-centered approach.

Wellness legacy

The learning loop only completes with teaching and as your share your gifts, this cycles closes naturally and you begin to form and hold intention for a legacy that will live on long after you establish your practice. 

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