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Download your free copy of the RETREAT PRACTICE JOURNAL.


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Learn a holistic range of practices that will make you feel revitalised.

-Grace, Retreat Participant



It all begins the week before retreat! Expand your wellness zone using a simple, yet powerful practice to prepare you for the journey ahead 



Explore the latest scientific findings behind  ancient medical systems and modern wellness trends, including breath,  meditation, yoga, awareness



You will be welcomed into a safe and nurturing virtual environment that will be your home explore, learn and grow over the retreat



 Listen to  knowledge sessions in an engaging way using through healing sounds, and spoken words and true stories of thriving through illness


Nourishing whole food recipes are shared each day full of colour and energy to promote wellbeing for the well life you envisage 



Connect deeply with like-minded and conscious beings on a similar journey whilst supporting and growing each other with compassion and understanding 



You will be guided through a variety of evidence-based wellness practices that have shown to promote lasting health and wellbeing



Now that you've experienced what can be, it's time to embody a wellness path that lasts long after the retreat. I can't wait to discover this path together

What is the Wellness Retreat Journey?

Observing patterns in data and stories from thousands of retreatants all over the world, the retreat journey was revealed to Dhevaksha in 8 stages:

Why Wellness Retreats?

Retreats are immersive experiences for mind, body and spirit. Blending ancient and modern wellness practices, retreats date back thousands of years to promote natural healing and lasting wellbeing.


Dhevaksha has such a deep and caring insight into people’s wellbeing
Angie, Retreat Guest

How can I continue my retreat journey for lasting wellbeing?
Research tells us that while retreats can inspire resilience, promote compassion and improve wellbeing, these effects can be longer lasting if practices are continued after the experience. The following opportunities will help you implement and sustain the practices from Retreat in your daily life...



Virtual retreat Lounge

Online access to the virtual retreat lounge with interviews, meditations and recipes to continue the retreat journey and heal at home.


Intensive wellness courses

Invitation to intensive wellness courses to integrate practices and experiences from retreat in your daily life and routine to realise lasting wellbeing for you and your family.

Coming soon

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Latest scientific discoveries

Invitation to attend live inspiration sessions where you will guided through new and emerging retreat practices backed by the latest scientific discoveries in integrative wellbeing.

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