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About Dhevaksha

Dhevaksha presents to delegates at the 14th International Congress on Complementary Medicine Research

Dhevaksha’s unique approach merges ancient philosophy with scientific inquiry and real-life practice, resonating with seekers from all walks of life.


As a sought-after teacher, speaker, and coach, Dhevaksha embodies the essence of her name, which in Sanskrit means "divine sight." Using her intuitive insight and empathic nature to create a safe, nurturing space for individuals to explore their inner landscape and access their profound inner wisdom. Having taught at two of Australia’s most respected Wellness and Lifestyle Retreats, Dhevaksha is not just a guide but a fellow traveler on the journey of awakening, illuminating the way forward with grace and joy. Whether you are drawn to her innate wisdom, compassionate and pragmatic approach, or ability to bridge the gap between heart and mind, aligning with Dhevaksha means embracing a path of growth, transformation, and authenticity. 


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Dhevaksha delivers lectures to guests at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat on the impact of deep rest states for self-regulation and healing. 

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