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This space is about nurturing your journey inner wisdom
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Journal for self reflection 

Beautiful journal pages with reflective prompts to receive inner guidance and higher self wisdom



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Move for mind-body awareness

Come into alignment with your body through guided classes in tranquil  settings 


Journal for self-reflection
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Retreat Journal Cover.JPG

Download the Retreat Journal self reflective pages to release, receive, and share your energy. Artwork by Emily Grimston.


Move for mind-body awareness
Yoga Studio
Enjoy a 45 minute yoga class to release and receive energy through the somatic body with Pamela Vicentin in her beautiful studio in Argentina

Share your experience


Dhevaksha showed us how we can all overcome challenges, even if we think it is an impossible task and that with the right support, life can become joyful and healthy again.  She made us laugh and cry and somehow we all left the room on a high – knowing that it is so important not to give in but to find the right place of wellbeing that works for you.  The next morning, we found ourselves sitting together on the balcony looking at the stunning vista and contemplating life.  For a young woman, Dhevaksha has such a deep and caring insight into people’s wellbeing.  To open up to her felt so comfortable and easy.” —Angie, Elysia Retreat Guest


"We can get so carried away in the chaos of life that we don’t take the time to stop and be fully present. Dhe’s session allowed me to take a breath and reconnect with myself, to truly savour the moment. I found this invaluable for myself, but it’s also so important for connecting with the kids we work with who can so easily spot when you aren’t being real or present. Make time for this session and you will get tenfold back for yourself and those who you support. And trust me- you will never eat a grape the same way again! Love ya stuff!" Zac, Wellbeing Workshop Participant, Foundation for Young Australians


My experience with Dhe’s inspiring wellness retreat is one that will never be forgotten. I had an amazing time surrounded by my close friends as we shared and created memories to last a lifetime. It was a truly humbling experience to be surrounded by amazing women, (and Vieran, of course!), who have had so many hardships in their life, but who have triumphed despite the battles they may face. It was a truly relaxing day, where I felt more at ease and comfortable. I really enjoyed the physical exercises we began with, as well as the laughing yoga. The food was on another level of amazingness, and it was so cool that we got to make our own chocolate! (I truly did enjoy every single aspect of the retreat, but I’m probably rambling here!). But overall, it was you Dhe, that made this retreat so amazing. I hope you continue to flourish and inspire more people along your journey. —Stephanie, Wellness Retreat Participant


Thank you so much for the retreat it was really beautiful, blissful. I found it peaceful, educational and spiritually enriching. I found the laughing meditation really powerful and stirred something deep in me.

I really enjoyed when you explained the four aspects of what people seek in spiritual and relaxation retreats. Thank you so much again it was magical and fun where I felt so open and safe — Belinda, Wellness Retreat Participant



“A beautiful evening filled with joy, positivity and relaxation.  I enjoyed every moment of it and the level of energy and warmth I experienced was incredible! — Chandni, Wellness Workshop Participant, Synthesis Organics

I had the joy of partaking in the Winter retreat with Dhe and two close friends. Dhe facilitated a beautiful day during which we were able to strengthen our friendships, learn together, and be nourished with delicious food. The retreat space by the beach was so relaxing, and the day covered a holistic range of activities that left me feeling revitalised. Spending the day with Dhe was so special and she her genuine passion to help others is so evident.  She has a real gift for communicating and connecting with others, and she has been very generous with her knowledge. Thank you so much Dhe for a wonderful experience! —Grace, Wellness Retreat Participants

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