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"When my soul meets yours and we play in that moment, 

this lifetime would have been well lived."

Dhevaksha x

Photography by Kyle Woodenberg



Hi, I'm Dhevaksha {in Sanskrit meaning "Eyes like those of God"}. For  many years I fought my heart and in 2013 diagnosed with an endocrine disorder, severe anxiety and depression she finally won the battle. Little did I know what was about to unfold would be the most beautiful, transformative journey I could ever imagine.


Drawn to a worldly adventure in search of love, healing and happiness, I met gurus, healers and teachers, meditated on boats, discovered the art of silence, chanted mantras, detoxed deeply, laughed endlessly, ate wholesome food and healed - really, truly healed. Then when my soul began to sparkle again, I dove head first into the science of all the out of body experiences I had and wow - it blew my mind. I now research, write and speak about the science behind the retreat phenomenon. I've also designing a lifestyle I love with my husband Vieran where we put the most moving practices we have discovered over the last 10 years into practice. 


If someone had asked what my goals were 10 years ago, I would have listed a bunch of seemingly important but deeply meaningless pursuits.  Now all I would have to say is:

Sand Dunes
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