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Abstract Watercolor Drawing

Experience this Masterclass
with Dhevaksha and Transcending Cancer






Artwork by Emily Grimston

The month's NEW practice is...

Yes, you can smile (and even laugh) again!

Do you feel everyday joy is missing from your life?

Do you wonder if it's okay to laugh and feel happy again?

Are you ready to experiment with a little fun in your life and lift your wellbeing?

Scientist, retreat facilitator, and yoga teacher Dhevaksha Naidoo has helped many to experience joy and wellness especially when they felt it wasn't possible to do so. Now you have the opportunity to benefit from the extraordinary power of healing through joy in this free masterclass, designed specifically for people with cancer and those supporting them.

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"Joy is a wonderful, natural medicine that we can call on anytime."


What is joyful healing?

Joy is here to guide you to the natural healing power within you. Combining simple breathing techniques, playful movements, and mindful awareness, we will experience spontaneous joy! Smiling, laughter and childlike fun are all part of the experiment to relax the body and boost energy. 

People are often surprised that something as simple as smiling or laughing—things we used to do so spontaneously as a child—can have so many transformative benefits for mind, body and spirit in our adult life.

There is no need for healing to be painful and heavy, it can be light and fun if we know how to access pleasure and enjoy ourselves!

Joy really is the best medicine

Scientific studies show smiling and laughter has many therapeutic benefits including:

  1. killing cancer cells

  2. boosting your immune system

  3. pain relief

  4. elevating your mood

  5. stress and anxiety reduction

  6. improved sleep

  7. improved cardiovascular health

  8. improved confidence 

  9. boosting your creativity

  10. enhancing your communication skills

Dabbing in Water

Some people worry practising joy may feel fake at first, but science tells us the body doesn’t recognise the difference between real and pretend, so you still get all the benefits! 


Joy is not out of bounds with cancer

Living with cancer doesn't have to stop you from feeling joy and aliveness.

Deep within you there is a wellspring of joy that never left you. Did you know this? Perhaps you have felt this spark? Yet expressing your true nature and having fun while living with cancer can feel out of bounds. 

In this one-hour masterclass, Dhevaksha will teach you the basics of practising joy for healing and wellbeing so you can make this simple but profound practice part of your own routine.


As you rediscover your inner source of healing you'll awaken one of life's great secrets: your Five Wellness Senses. The Wellness Senses—Joy, Ease, Depth, Grace, and Love—were revealed to Dhevaksha while deep in integrative wellness research. Observing patterns in data and stories from thousands of patients in over 50 countries, it became clear that those who were learning to thrive had begun to master these five senses. 

You can use the evidence-based tools learned in this masterclass to experiment with joy, the first of the Wellness Senses at home, and nurture yourself while living with cancer. Draw on it to enhance your mood, energy, and wellbeing (and your family may enjoy with you).


Dhevaksha will show you that cancer need not be a barrier to living joyfully, and courageously. Along the way, you can have a little fun too!

♥️☀️🌊😂Did you know when you laugh or smile it triggers a part of your brain that actuall

t’s not that when you are happy, you laugh. It’s actually when you laugh, you are happy.

And you can apply this logic to all of life to live in a state of joy.


What you will experience?

Yogic breathing

Learn simple breathing techniques to access your bodies powerful and natural calming and healing response


Playful practices

Learn spontaneous practices designed to help you smile, laugh, and play on purpose and freely express yourself to move energy and emotion


(Fun)ctional movement

Learn gentle and functional movements to release stress and tension and strengthen your facial and full body muscles

Mindful awareness

Learn how to to bring awareness to mind, body, spirit and centre yourself with ease and confidence in any situation

Laughing Yoga

"Joy is a lifelong practice and we can always learn ways to be more joyful! There's no limit."


Who should attend?

  • Anyone with cancer or supporting someone with cancer (or any illness) who struggles to feel emotions and joy.

  • Anyone who believes healing has to be painful and cannot be light and pleasurable.

  • Anyone who wants to deepen their connection to themselves and to life through play, fun and joy

  • Anyone who wonders, “Am I happy?” “Am I able to laugh through this?”.

  • Anyone who takes themselves too seriously.

  • Anyone who believes life is all work and no play.

  • Anyone who feels inhibited to express themselves freely and fully.

  • Anyone who wants to experience wellness without spending any money or leaving the comfort of home.

  • Anyone who wants to live joyfully and courageously.

Mother and Child on Beach

Interesting in Healing through Joy?

Express your interest in this online masterclass at

About Dhevaksha

Dhevaksha is a medical scientist and retreat facilitator who has spent the last 16 years travelling, researching, and healing through traditional medicine practices of different countries and cultures. Diagnosed with a chronic endocrine disorder at age 15, she became curious about the complementary effects of Eastern and Western medicine. Told by specialists from Abu Dhabi to Africa that she would live with varying symptoms of disease throughout her adult life, she and her family were determined to discover otherwise. Dhevaksha has since healed holistically through integrative medicine with evidence shown in the normalcy of her biomarkers; BMI, insulin resistance, inflammation, anxiety and depression.


Dhevaksha’s honours research was the first in the world to capture data on retreat experiences and wellbeing globally for which she was awarded a scholarship to complete her PhD. Her doctoral study explores the impacts of retreat experiences on resilience, stress, and longevity. Dhe is also a certified meditation, yoga, and laughter yoga teacher who lives in Sydney with her husband Vieran, son Kavir, and Cavoodle Chai.


What happens after the masterclass?

I've learned along with thousands of participants in my research and retreats, that the best practices are the ones we take home with us! Making joy a practice for you will take some time to experiment with, to collect your own real world data and embrace what feels good for you and your mind and body. To support your journey, you will get access to beautifully illustrated practice resources and printable artworks by Artist Emily Grimston, purposefully designed to evoke emotion and inspire action. May you experience healing and wellbeing through the Five Wellness Senses... Joy being the first and most fun, of course!

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