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I am so proud to be associated with such an inspiring individual and grateful that I can count Dhevaksha amongst my PhD scientists. Together we are making a real impact on the world.

- Dr Marc Cohen, Integrative Medicine Professor & Founder, Extreme Wellness Institute 




Dhevaksha is a gifted scientist as well as a soulful story teller. As soon as you meet Dhe you will be blown away by her sincerity, effervescence, passion and intellect. I have no doubt she will continue to positively impact thousands of people - helping them heal, grow, laugh and thrive.

- Brigid Walsh, Wellbeing Manager Netball Australia

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For Cancer Thrivers

Have you ever wondered what goes on in a retreat and the impact on wellbeing? Perhaps you feel deep within a wellspring of joy, ease and grace coming fourth through your experience of cancer...

This is your opportunity to explore this wellspring for yourself from the comfort of your own home over 28 nourishing days. Together we will go on a journey through ancient wisdom and modern science to transcend the 'illness' lens in which the world often views cancer to a 'wellness' lens of great awareness, insight, and empowerment. Ultimately, to experience the extraordinary well being that lives within you. 

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Transcending Cancer 28-Day Virtual Retreat

Learn more at transcendingcancer.com

For Truth Seekers

Interviews on Wellness

Learn about soulful practices, scientific discoveries and life insights that help me overcome the seeming challenges in my life and have inspired thousands human beings with anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, cancer, pcos, endometriosis, pain and other illnesses to discover their inner wellspring of wellness through retreat experiences. These include changes in mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing through hatha (unity) yoga, hasya (laughter) yoga, still and moving meditations, breath and awareness, sound and silence, loving kindness, play and laughter, vulnerability and courage and restful action. 

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Pristine Conversations Podcast Episode 

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For Soul Scientists

Integrative Wellness Research 

Research projects include systematic reviews, longitudinal studies and clinical trials across various complementary medicines approaches and populations. Research fields include the impact of retreats on health and wellbeing, weight management and complementary medicine use for cancer, acupuncture for depression, and exercise for period pain.


Research Gate publications 

Read at researchgate.com

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