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Dhevaksha speaks at the intersection of science, spirituality and nature to help realise a world living healthier, happier, longer. After experiencing an endocrine disorder at 13, she became curious about why disease arises and inspired to get to the root causes. Her doctoral thesis exploring an integrative medical approach to ageing well, managing stress and staying resilient. Dhevaksha presents regularly on integration in all aspects of life and the implications for health, wellness, and happiness in Australia and internationally. 

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Master wellness for yourself...  

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Learn about the latest scientific findings on retreats and wellbeing.

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Are you a Wellness Practitioners of the future? APPLY NOW!




Join our online community to make lasting changes to your wellbeing.

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What people say

"Dhevaksha merges left brain science with spirituality and nature. She has the feminine Dr. Deepak Chopra-esque ability to blend the best of Eastern & Western philosophies, and to me, there is no higher honor.
With a beautiful energy and 1,000 kilowatt sm
ile, are Dhevaksha's methods not the way forward (at any time) in this time of uncertainty?" - Justin Charles, Former AFL Footballer

"As soon as you meet Dhe you will be blown away by her sincerity, effervescence, passion and intellect. She is a gifted scientist as well as a soulful story teller. As guest speaker at Golden Door Wellness Retreat she inspired and motivated the guests and staff by sharing her insightful stories and evidence based research, tips and data. Dhe has many strings to her bow and I have no doubt that she will continue to positively impact thousands of people - helping them to heal, grow, laugh and thrive." - Brigid Wlash, GM, One Community & Former GM Golden Door Wellness Retreat 

"A radiant star on earth." - Dr Elissa Epel, Director AME, UCSF Health

"Dhe is a rockstar!" - Jeff Hoffman, Chairman Global Entrepreneurship Network

We founded the Academy of Mastery to help others heal and share their innate gifts & intuitive abilities with the world. As an integrative therapist & scientist, we now coach wellness practitioners from all walks of life. It would be a joy and privilege to walk this journey with you.

Feeling called to join us? 

Much love, 
Vieran & Dhevaksha

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